Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Well then.. fuck you too Gamefly.


Millions of people pay out hard earned money every month to these fucks.

I am one of them.

And I'm begining to wonder.. why?

So.. I wake up yesterday morning, just like every morning.. and head downstairs. Of course the first thing on my mind after a quick stop at the bathroom is.. Wonder if I made any sales on Amazon. After that I check eBay.. then I end up at Gamefly.com.

Today, (yesterday if you fuckers are following me), I have awoke to find that the game I placed in my "Q" over 9 months ago.. was not sent out to me. As a matter of fact.. it's now on "low availability".

In short, this means that I won't be able to play this game for a very long time.. about 2-3 months actually. So.. instead of having an anurism, I go through the checklist.

1> Ok.. It's the number one game in my Q...

2> And.. I have an open slot in my Q...

3> It's been in my Q for almost a year..

4> They got paid...

5> What the ever-lovin-fuck is the problem..??!?

So. In an insane amount of "pissedousity", (feel free to use that word in everyday conversation.. your welcome) I decided to fire off an angry as fuck piece of Gamefly hating email. For you see.. I'm sick of this shit.. it's bad enough they screw me over.. but.. this is the FOURTH time in the last 30 days.. the following is the exact transcript of the conversation:

Me: Just as a heads up.. this is the 4th game this month that even though I had an open slot in my Q the day it is released, and even though it had been in my Q for months.. it was not sent out. I've had to go out to Blockbuster and pay $9.00 per rental extra just to play the games I want to play because you won't send the games in my Q to me. You'd think that a person who's been a member for over 2 years would'nt have to deal with this kind of thing. I don't play old games.. I only play new releases. That's why I pay for your services.

Again, I always have an open slot in my Q when these games are released.. and they have been in my Q months before they are even released.. but still you just won't send them out. The "Cars race o rama" game my daughter wanted to play took almost 3 months to be sent.

I am pretty sick of this, I pay you guys $40.00 a month for a service you only half the time provide.. then I have to go and rent the same games at Blockbuster half the time, for 9 bucks each, and just take said games out of my Q because after it says "low availability" it will be 2-3 months before you send it.

This game in paticular, I've been waiting on for almost 9 months.. and of course yesterday morning, you didn't even bother to send it.

Before you reply with the whole "availability" tutorial speach, just let me say that being a member for over 2 years.. I completely understand it. And still theres no reason for this.

Gamefly: Fuck you internet hatemonger...

Well.. that not actually what they said.. but I tend to read between the lines. They actually sent me this email back:

Gamefly: Thank you for your inquiry. As you have noted, the demand for the stated game has been very high. We use information from our members’ Game Q’s to identify the most popular titles and anticipate customer demand. Circumstances such as a rush of signups or a sudden demand shift can make titles suddenly unavailable. In most cases, the unavailability is temporary, as the games being returned by other members and additional game purchases make these titles available in a few days. We pay close attention to our inventory levels and will continue to work to minimize the number and duration of unavailable games.

We understand that our members want both their first choice and rapid shipping. While we try to meet these expectations every time, exceptions occur and we realize that they can be frustrating.

We apologize for any inconvenience. If we can be of further assistance, please let us know.


The GameFly Team

Translation: Fuck you retard internet hatemonger...

They basically just avioded my inquiry altogether, opting for an email that explains how their stupid fucking system works.. Like after being a member for over 2 years, I would have no fucking clue.

This is the way Gamefly treats their costumers.. like shit. And now I have to be on the damn phone all day calling every mother fucking Blockbuster in town, asking if they have a game for rent that was released yesterday. I'll let you guess how this shit will turn out.

I'll probably just have to buy the damn thing.. Gamefly, die in a fucking house fire.