Sunday, August 22, 2010

Castlevania Lords of Shadow Trailer

I simply cannot wait for this to drop. On October 5.. We'll finally get our hands on it.


Getting really tired of this shit.

I would love it if one day.. someone would sit down and explain to me why people are so fucking stupid.

So I'm bored, right.. I decide to cruise around the net looking for shit to buy. (read: games)

Thanks to Gamefly fucking me over, I missed out on a couple of games I wanted to play. So, I thought I'd check out the going price of those games on the net.

Now keep in mind.. that I don't actually give a shit about these games.. It's just the few I didn't get to play.

So.. I know that new games cost a retarded price of $60. I say retarded because on day 2 after launch, they drop in price about $10 - $15.

Anyway.. I head over to Ebay to check it out first. One of the games I was looking to check out was Clash of the Titans. I found it on Ebay going for about.. about.. $19.95 - $100.

What the.... Fuck?

Yeah, you heard that right.. One Hundred Dollars.

I was kinda shocked.. at $100.. you would expect it to be dipped in gold, autographed, and come with a free blow job from the seller.

What was special about it? Nothing.. Not a single fucking thing.

I sat in awe for a moment.

Collecting my thoughts.. I began to wonder why the fuck someone would list a $20 game for $100...

I mean, you have to pay a percentage of the listing cost.. just to list the game. And if you have a brain in your head you'd know it would never sell for that price. So, why the fuck would you just hand Ebay money, and get nothing in return?

It boggles the mind.. It's just fucking stupid.

And its not like Ebay has an anti-dumbfuck policy. Of course they are just going to take the money.

This is a massive problem on the internet. When you shop for anything.. anything at all.. what's the first, most decisive factor involved in your pending purchase?


Ok, so with the economy in the fucking toilet.. your definitely going to seek out the lowest possible price, right? Well, unless your rich.. and in that case.. fuck you. But, if the lowest price is say $19.95.. then why sell it for more than $19.95? I mean, do they even want to sell shit?

And to be fair, your probably thinking.. Well, maybe they don't know the lowest price and they think the price they are getting IS the lowest price.

Well, thats why they have a fucking sorting button on every fucking website known to man. It has options like "Sort by Price: Low to High".

And if your on Ebay, the prices are right in front of your fucking face. Now what? You can't fucking count?

Long story short.. If the commonly known price is $20.. It is beyond moronic to even think about listing it for even 1 cent more. And on a site like Ebay, you WILL NOT sell your shit. Amazon as well.

It all goes back to the fucking gene pool being too shallow.

They should make it a law, that in order to use the internet.. you need a license. And in order to get that license you must take an IQ test. And if your fail the license test, then fuck you.. no internet for you.

I seriously believe that's the problem. Anybody can get on the net. Anybody. And these days, you can browse the web on your phone.

There should be some activities that dumb mother fuckers should not be able to do.