Sunday, January 3, 2016

Updates, Updates, Updates


I'm pleased to announce the return of Tennek127 to the weekly podcast. He's the gentleman with the dreads last year. He seemed pretty enthused about it.

I will be relaunching the schedule of weekly segments starting this week.

Also many more how-to and walkthrough videos will be made this year.

If you might want to either donate or invest, please private message me.

I have reports of the disclaimer being a fucking asshole, so.. bear with me.


Friday the 13th: The Game - The Official Kickstarter Video

Friday the 13th: The Game - Pre Alpha Gameplay Sneak Peak

Internet Feedback


Saturday, January 2, 2016


Parachute Climb Tutorial #2 - Just Cause 3

Far Cry® 4 - Don't fuck with a Sniper.

Final Fantasy VII WITH LYRICS - brentalfloss

Maybe Jon Snow (Ain't Dead)

Fighting the Evil Dead (Elvis Parody)

Can't Wait To Play Fallout 4 - REO Speedwagon Parody

Crotch Magic (Labyrinth tribute.. Kind of) NSFW

Consider this the kick off. This season will be shocking as hell, so you damn well better be ready!

BTW, this is fucking hilarious.

First Competiton Win!

Just before the holidays, Your favorite asshole won the Leap Frog Event.

That's right, first comp win.

The contest consisted of getting 1 trophy on day 1, then 2 trophies on day 2.. 3 on day 3 and so on.

I won on day 57, meaning I had to get over 50 trophies a day for a week.

Project Killeveloot was a complete success, this will be my main profile from now on.

Knightedrik / Killeveloot

Season 3 starts this month!

  Alrighty then, here we go again.. Season 3!

 Thanks to all our fans. This year, we're gonna blow your mind, so if you wouldn't mind. Help us get the word out. Spread this shit like wildfire.

  You guys are to awesome.

  Knightedrik / Killeveloot