Saturday, February 4, 2017

A New Beginning..

Alright then..

  Ladies and Gentlemen..

   It's been a rough couple of years.. you'll see that as soon as the first video hits.  Let's just say, I'm half the man I used to be. 

  Our first round at Youtube didn't work out well.. and I don't really blame people for not liking it.  Our shit was low quality, and we put forth a lot of hate about gaming and other subjects.. (see everything) I am changing focus.. and we're going to start having fun again.

  We've been fraught with tech shit and walkouts for a few years.. but this year we're going big.  Fewer guests, more hilarious entertainment.

  If you've been with us for years.. thanks so much.

  If your new here.. Welcome. Sign up, we're here to make your day better.

  This is going to be the shit.. so stick around.. you might just win some shit.

  Much Love..



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